What Is a Good Takedown Bow? (Samick Sage Takedown Recurve)

A takedown recurve bow consists of three parts: a handle and two limbs. These recurve bows can be disassembled quickly and take up less space during transport and storage.

They also enable the centerpiece and worm arms to be exchanged. Here are some factors to consider for finding the best takedown recurve bow for hunting:

What Is a Good Takedown Bow?


A takedown recurve bow is constructed of wood like a traditional bow. These bows may also be made from metal or other artificial materials, including the coyote.

Weight and Size

Another feature of the takedown recurve bow is its length. The typical length of this type of bow is less than 60 inches. Though this bow’s length is small, its weight is heavy.

However, its weight can be as high as 40 pounds, with the average being closer to 60 pounds. This combination makes the bow easy to carry through the jungle and easy to shoot prey.

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Draw Weight

The draw weight of the limbs is usually available in 5lbs increments. Recommended draw weights for the beginner recurve bow are 25-35lbs. Advanced shooters most commonly choose between 40-50lbs.

Suitable Arrows

Take-down recurve bows are mostly shot with carbon arrows; aluminum or wooden arrows are rarely used. The carbon arrow is simply more stable and lighter.

It means that even with relatively low draw weights, the beginners’ Takedown Recurve bows can still achieve good arrow speeds.

We recommend the following arch lengths for the specified body size:

  • up to 180cm 58-62″
  • 180-185cm 60-64″
  • from 185 cm 62-64″

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The Take Down recurve bow is shot without a sight. The takedown recurve bow has a bow window, most of which have no aiming and no special arrow stand, not to mention the balance bar shock absorber. These features make it perfect for hunting in the jungle.


The takedown hunting recurve bow, also called field bow or three-part hunting recurve, are the classic sports bow for many archers. These bows are the perfect companion for the 3D round.

Therefore, takedown bows are used both as sports bows and in the traditional area. This type of bow is one of the most popular bows.

The advantages are clear:

  • Slight hand shock due to the slightly higher weight
  • high precision through forgiving shooting behavior
  • little space required for transport and storage
  • In the event of damage or breaks, you can replace limbs or handles individually.

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Takedown recurve bows from well-known brands are pretty expensive. Of course, the quality is also quite remarkable. From a practical point of view, if you are an amateur player and are not clear about which one is suitable for you, you should start with a low-priced recurve bow.

It will save you money. But if you are an experienced archer, you should go for a higher-priced takedown recurve bow.


Among other bows, the takedown recurve bows have the advantage that you can buy the limbs individually for most models and thus change the draw weight or the length of the bow without buying a completely new bow.

For these reasons, takedown bows are popular today as both sports bows and traditional-style archery tools.

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