Most Popular Garden Plants

The 7 Most Popular Garden Plants

The number of plants that can be put in the garden is enormous. We have now seen many gardens and this creates an image of plants that are often in gardens. We have listed 7 of the most popular garden plants. Hopefully, you get some inspiration from it yourself!

Less Gray More Green

We have also kept an eye on garden trends in recent years and many people want a low-maintenance garden. This often involves a lot of hardenings, such as paving and gravel.

Pavement also needs maintenance and therefore, it does not make much difference if you have decorated a garden with beautiful plants.

Indeed, fewer and fewer weeds will grow when the plants are fully grown. Do you want to replace a lot of plants? Then consider a planting plan. Just want some new plants in the garden? Then check our list below.

1. Hydrangea

The hydrangea should not be missing from this overview. You see this beautiful bloomer with high ornamental value in many gardens in winter. The hydrangea is available in different colors.

A fun fact is that the color of the hydrangea depends on the soil’s acidity. Therefore, you can influence the color of your hydrangeas yourself by enriching the soil. The hydrangea is fairly maintenance-friendly. The only thing that needs to be done once a year is pruning the hydrangea.

The flowers ensure that the hydrangea also looks beautiful in the winter and significantly when the snow has fallen, which gives a beautiful image. The most common hydrangea is the peasant hydrangea. We also regularly see the following species in the garden:

  • Hydrangea Annabelle
  • panicle hydrangea
  • climbing hydrangea

2. Roses

A classic that you see coming back a lot. Not only on Valentine’s Day but also in the garden. You also see them in all kinds of sizes and colors.

Roses can be divided into spray roses, climbing roses, shrub roses, patio roses, large-flowered roses and ground cover roses. So the uses of this fantastic plant are endless.

You can use them as ground cover, a climbing plant, an ornamental plant, or to decorate your patio. Roses are pruned once a year and are therefore reasonably maintenance-friendly. They flower between June and October, are hardy and have a wonderful fragrance.

3. Butterfly Bush

This is an absolute ‘must have’ in the garden for lovers of butterflies. What attracts those butterflies? The beautiful purple flowers! The butterflies get a lot of nectar from here, which is why the butterfly bush is so popular with the colorful flutterers.

Butterfly bushes are easy to place because they grow everywhere. They bloom from July to September. You prune a butterfly bush every year in the spring back to 35 cm above the ground and it will grow the same year again to a height of 2 meters.

Many people are afraid to prune like this, but you will achieve the best result. There are now also low-growing butterfly bushes available suitable for smaller beds.

4. Gloss Medlar

The Photinia or while the Glaucous Medlar. The most famous is the ‘Red Robin.’ You often see this species as hedge plants and regularly as espaliers.

This beautiful plant has its roots in Asia and can withstand the sun well. The leaf is green, but the runners turn a beautiful red and that is also what the Red Robin owes its name to.

The gloss medlar is evergreen and pruning once or twice a year is sufficient. In addition to its attractive appearance, the Photinia also attracts birds and butterflies. So you get it for free.

5. Lesser Periwinkle

The lesser periwinkle (Vinca Minor) is also a popular garden plant. The vigorous evergreen ground cover plant acts well to fill in some empty spaces in the garden and ensure no weeds grow.

With beautiful purple flowers, this ground cover gives a colorful look. The periwinkle grows underground and thus expands. The periwinkle grows to 15 to 20 centimeters high and needs no maintenance.

The lesser periwinkle can be placed in the sun, shade and partial sun. Do you want to move the plant to a different location? You can spread it quite quickly by tearing off a piece and replanting it in another place in your garden.

6. Lady’s Mantle

Tastes differ and if the purple of the periwinkle doesn’t appeal to you, then a lady’s mantle might be an option. With the yellow-green flowers, the lady’s mantle stands out in your garden.

You will often find beautiful dew drops on the leaves in the mornings. Let the morning sunshine on it for a while and you have a beautiful picture. The lady’s mantle loses its leaves in winter.

When you cut the spent flowers, the lady’s mantle will bloom again. It will be about 25 centimeters high when the plant is fully grown. The lady’s mantle has become less popular in recent years, but as far as we are concerned, it still belongs on the list of popular garden plants.

7. Portuguese Laurel

This hedge plant gives your garden a luxurious look and is the little brother of the ‘normal laurel.’ As you will suspect, this laurel originates from Portugal. It has glossy leaves and beautiful deep pink twigs.

The white flowers make it even more ornamental and also smell wonderful. This ensures that many butterflies and bees also come to the hedge. An insect-friendly hedge. Pruning once or twice a year is sufficient for the Portuguese laurel.


Hopefully, you have some inspiration and maybe you can put one (or more) of these popular garden plants in your garden. There will undoubtedly be plants missing, but these are plants that we often encounter in the garden.

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