Roe Deer Hunting in the Kurgan Region

Roe Deer Hunting in the Kurgan Region

The Kurgan region has long been known for its many Siberian roe deer. Strict shooting restrictions and moderate licensing guarantee the quality of the trophies and the conduct of the hunt.

The weight of the antlers of the Siberian roe deer in the Kurgan region, in contrast to the roe deer in many other regions, often reaches more than 1,000 grams.

Roe Deer Hunting in the Kurgan Region

Roe Deer Hunting in the Kurgan Region

Hunting for Siberian roe deer begins at the end of August and lasts until mid-October, and during the rut, hunting becomes as enjoyable as possible.

Almost smooth hills, large fields, lush vegetation, and a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters provide these animals’ good and constant population.

Venue – Kurgan Region:

  • Menshchikovskoe hunting farm, Polovinsky district;
  • Starikovskoe hunting farm, Shumikhinsky district;
  • Gladkovskoe hunting farm, Pritobolsk region;
  • Mikhalskoe, Galishovskoe hunting farm, Ketovsky district.

How to Get There

  • Flight Moscow-Kurgan by UTair, then transfer to the grounds;
  • By car from Moscow 1700-1800 km, depending on the hunting base.

The Tour Lasts

  •  4-7 days

Hunting With ambush, the entrance, the approach or shelter; landscape – fields, forest, river. Delivery to UAZ Hunter, UAZ Farmer, UAZ 452 vehicles to the hunting area.

Hunting Season

  • Trophy hunting for Siberian roe deer: season from August 25 to October 20 (before the antlers are shed);
  • The best time to hunt adult males during the rut is from August 25 to September 20;
  • Siberian roe deer hunting: season – from October 1 to December 30;


  • Hunting base “Pritobolny” is located on the territory of the Gladkovsky hunting farm in the Pritobolsk region.

Farm area: 101.9 thousand hectares. Distances to: Kurgan – 110 km, Tyumen – 305 km, Chelyabinsk – 355 km, Yekaterinburg – 450 km. Accommodating in a wooden cottage with private rooms.

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