REVIEW Bozita Dog Grain Free Reindeer Pate

We were given forty 200 g cans of reindeer pate for testing. Apart from reindeer, there are also beef and chicken in the composition. And that’s it. Very beautiful and simple composition!

Seeing the inscription “pate,” I expected a very smooth texture. Fortunately, the term is a bit confusing, and the can contains well-ground and tightly squeezed meat pieces packed right up to the lid. The smell is typical of high-meat luncheon meat. My dogs went into ecstasy every time I opened the can.

REVIEW Bozita Dog Grain Free Reindeer Pate

They liked it very much; I had the impression that they had never eaten such a delicacy in their life. My quite calm Janka even started to vocalize when I was preparing bowls of Bozita cans for dogs, so I started to treat them as snacks, not a typical meal.

I packed the contents of the can into the Kongs or gave it as a meal at the end of the training, during which the dogs had already eaten some of their daily food intakes.

There is also a second reason why I decided to serve these cans occasionally, treating them more as a delicacy rather than a typical meal – dosing. The daily dose for Jarvis, taking into account his active lifestyle and training season, was almost a kilogram, i.e., as many as 5 cans a day.

It generated a lot of waste at one time, and I still had the impression that he was not full. My dogs eat raw meat daily; the daily dose for Jarvis is 370 grams, so compared to Bozita’s cans, I was terrified of the amount I put in his bowl.

Both my dogs digested the food with no problem, even on the occasional trip to seminars or training sessions. The poo was much bigger than on the barf diet and had a stronger smell, but cleaning up was easy for me.

I did not notice any constipation or diarrhea. During the tests, the cans always went with Jarvis and me, and with Janka, they went in her backpack to the nanny who looked after her during our absence.

I am very glad that this product hit our hands; I think that I would never reach for it myself. But don’t hesitate – try it. For my dogs, this puff is a real treat. I think that someday she will visit our house again, soon adoptions will be approaching Janki, I am sure that she will be very pleased with such a food surprise.

After all, I would not choose to feed my dogs this diet permanently. Maybe if I had smaller dogs, I would consider a canned diet, but my dogs in total weigh 30 kilograms, so I prefer to get Bozita with reindeer occasionally.

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