Guide to Buy a Pair of Flip Flops

Not all sandals are the same, but how to recognize the best ones? This section explains which characteristics they should respect to be considered as such.

Guide to Buy a Pair of Flip Flops

What are They for

During the summer, when temperatures exceed 30 ° C, it is very important to let the foot breathe properly, especially during a particularly sultry and tiring day.

In fact, in contact with the closed shoe, sweat can cause the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause mycosis and bad smells.

For this reason, both women and men, even if the latter are rather reluctant to the idea, should occasionally use open shoes to let the skin dry and avoid always wearing sneakers or synthetic material.

The thong sandals are probably among the most beautiful and comfortable models in circulation, unlike the band ones, which instead let the foot slide excessively forward in an unsightly way and create difficulties in walking.

They have very ancient origins: as early as 1,500 BC. C the ancient Egyptians used to wear a pair of papyrus. Over the centuries, all the world populations have recreated their model, adapting it with the materials they had available.

How They Are Made

The flip-flops, unlike standard sandals, characterized by a sole and a horizontal upper strap that holds the foot in place, are formed by a central Y-shaped strap, which serves to separate the big toe from the second toe. This system is more comfortable; moreover, the design is much more elegant and makes this type of shoe suitable for any occasion.


While buying the best flip flops, you will have to keep in mind some factors that will not only facilitate your choice but will help you not to come across a poor quality product.

Flexibility is one of these: since these are rubber shoes, therefore with a very different strength compared to one with a sole in leather or other rigid materials, much more durable, it is, therefore, necessary to check that they are not excessively malleable.

In order to understand if the product is valid, it is necessary to hold the sandal on itself: if it offers enough resistance, the opinion will be positive; if instead, it should arch completely, it will probably be a scarcer and less stable article.

Materials and Models

Leather, fabric, rubber, or plastic: It is possible to find numerous flip-flops on the markets, each different from the other. But what is the best model? It is difficult to say since each pair of shoes is unique, and it is first of all necessary to evaluate the quality of the material used.

Choosing a branded item does not always correspond to purchasing a good product. Still, sometimes even with a few euros, it is possible to obtain beautiful, resistant, and long-lasting sandals.

Therefore, during the purchase and evaluating the price, it is advisable to consider the quality of the rubber or the leather, preferably opting for those that seem more resistant: walking on low-quality sandals is harmful to the feet and the entire skeletal structure.

Flip Flops for Any Occasion

As we have seen, this kind of sandals is not only made of plastic or rubber, but it is possible to fill the shoe cabinet with many different models and colors, to be able to combine them with any outfit you want.

For women, for example, there is nothing more elegant in the summer than a thong with a strap of dismayed precious stones, especially if a light heel highlights the silhouette and makes the legs more slender.

It is better for the man who wants to stand out even during a walk on the beach to opt for a branded model characterized by accurate and refined seams.

When it comes to children, on the other hand, it is preferable to focus on a pair of simple, light, but at the same time resistant flip-flops with nice and cheerful colors.

The Right Size

So that the foot does not hurt, the toes do not protrude from the sole of the shoe, and the strap is not excessively tight or too wide, it is necessary to choose the size that suits us.

Generally, these sandals, especially in plastic, do not have a single corresponding number but two: sometimes it is preferable to opt for a smaller size than the one we are used to; on other occasions, a larger one is better.

For this reason, when buying the best pair of flip flips, it is highly recommended to consult the table on the seller’s website. In this way, you will certainly have less chance of making mistakes and having to return the item, perhaps at your expense.

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