Goose Hunting in Iceland

Goose Hunting in Iceland

Iceland is a nesting and migration stop for several species of geese, including the gray, white-fronted, bean goose and barnacle goose, which are allowed to hunt.

The gray goose and bean goose live in the vast expanses of Iceland’s interior, where they are not disturbed, and they can safely raise offspring.

However, with the onset of cold weather, birds move from inland regions to the coast, where they fatten and prepare young animals for flight to the south. Barnacle goose appears on the island simultaneously, returning from the north, where summer is even shorter than in Iceland.

Hunting is mainly carried out in the early morning, allowing the daylight hours for other activities. In rare cases, hunting is possible throughout the day.

Goose Hunting in Iceland

Goose Hunting in Iceland

In Iceland, the use of double-barreled and semi-automatic rifles is allowed. However, semi-automatic weapons can only have three rounds.


The Hunt takes place on private grounds all over the Icelandic coastline. The nearest grounds and accommodation are just an hour’s drive from Reykjavik!


The specific location of the hunt is determined at the very last moment before its start, depending on weather conditions and the movement of birds.

The shooting areas are located mainly on the coastal plains and river valleys. Hunters are located in meadows, near lakes and along river banks, using natural conditions for camouflage.

 You can rent smooth-bore weapons and buy cartridges on the spot, and the huntsmen will provide you with camouflage if necessary. Hunting is mainly carried out in the early morning, making it possible to use the daylight hours for other entertainment and recreation programs.

The season starts on the 20th of August (for the white-fronted goose and the barnacle goose – from the 1st of September) and lasts until the 20th of October. It is best to hunt during the last two weeks of September and the first week of October.

Tour Duration

  • 2-7 days

Hunting Package Price

  • 1350 euro / person. per day

The Cost Includes

  • Accommodation with full board meals;
  • Transfers from Reykjavik and back
  • Services of a professional gamekeeper;
  • Decoys and camouflage
  • A license to shoot 12 geese a day;

Additionally Paid

  • Flight Moscow-Reykjavik-Moscow – from 550 euros – depends on the connecting points, the cost and options for flights can be viewed here;
  • Visa
  • Rent of Benelli smoothbore weapon – 75 euro / day + 1 euro / cartridge.
  • Excursion program

Option of the Tour Program

Day 1. Arrival in Reykjavik. The guide will meet you at the international airport, from where you will be transferred by car to the lodge located in the area of ​​the upcoming hunt. On the way, it is possible to stop at a hunting store, where you can buy cartridges and the accessories you need. In the evening, you can go hunting or explore tomorrow’s hunting with a guide.

Day 2-4. You will go hunting after an early breakfast; preparations are recommended to begin an hour before dawn. Hunting begins at dawn with the beginning of the flight of flocks of geese. The daily shooting limit is 12 geese. After lunch, it is recommended to rest and go hunting with a guide again.

Day 5. Morning hunting. Lunch, rest and transfer to Reykjavik, hotel accommodation.

Day 6. Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the international airport, flight to Moscow.

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