Flip-Flops – Shopping Guide, Opinions and Comparisons

It is impossible not to have a pair of thong sandals in the shoe rack: wearing them during the summer helps make your feet breathe better. Moreover, they are comfortable, and most models can get wet without problems.

They are considered a perfect must-have for the sea, as they are easy to wear and the rubber sole allows you not to slip in the wet. In this article, we have selected the best products, chosen based on users’ opinions who have purchased them, such as Crocs Classic II flip, a pair of ergonomic sandals with a small heel rise.

Or you might be interested in Havaianas Flip Flops Woman Logo Metallic, a classic blue color totally made of plastic, suitable for the sea and the pool.

Flip-Flops – Shopping Guide, Opinions and Comparisons

Crocs Classic II flip Unisex Adult Flip Flops

At the top of our list of the best flip flops of 2022, we find an article proposed by Crocs, one of the world’s most famous rubber shoe companies.

It was founded in 2002, and immediately its light and waterproof foam sandals are appreciated for their particular structure and unmistakable design: a clog with holes sold in dozens of different shades.

We have a flip-flop model in front of us, which is very different from the classic Crocs. However, the material with which it is made is the same. The shape is very simple, blue in color, and has a slight rise on the heel that makes it more ergonomic and comfortable.

The sole is also non-slip, perfect for the sea, the pool, or simply to keep at home. The price is average, considering the quality and particularity of the materials used and the reliability of the American company.

Havaianas Flip Flops Woman Logo Metallic

One of the best-selling items on our list is the one proposed by Havaianas, a well-known Brazilian brand born in the 1960s inspired by traditional Japanese sandals known as zori.

Initially, the company’s target was the lower social classes and the working class; however, with the increase in profits, even the highest ones began to buy sandals, thus increasing prices.

The product in question has an average cost, considering that it does not have a particularly refined design, but it is simple rubber flip-flops; however, it turns out to be among the most popular with users, probably thanks to Havaianas reliability and the robustness of the materials.

The proposed color is blue; however, it is possible to opt for many other varieties if this is not particularly pleasing.

Havaianas Top Mix Unisex Adult Flip Flops

Are you about to leave for the sea and need a new pair of flip-flops? This product could be for you: it is a very simple and classic model, proposed by the well-known Brazilian company Havaianas, widely appreciated worldwide.

They are made entirely of resistant rubber; the sole is blue, the strap has a black upper part and a white lower part and shows the yellow brand name. For more extroverted users, other brighter shades are also available.

Moreover, the available sizes start from number 33/34 up to 45/46, therefore perfect for both women and men. Be careful when choosing: these are, in fact, American sizes, so it is generally recommended to take one less than the usual one.

Good value for money, considering the quality of the materials and the Havaianas reliability; however, it is possible that the cost of the sandals varies slightly depending on the size option.

Inblu Menorca Flip Flops Woman

Among the best offers on the web, we were convinced by a pair of flip flops proposed by the Italian company Inblu, born in the 1970s in the province of Brescia and still exported to many parts of the world.

It offers us white summer sandals for women, characterized by a green water band on which small glitter has been applied that makes them even more feminine and perfect for an evening at the beach with friends.

They are made of synthetic material, while the upper strip is in fabric, which, appears slightly similar to plastic. The price is average: it is certainly not the cheapest product in our ranking; however, it ranks among the first places.

Zoerea Women’s Summer Flat Sandals Strass

Continuing the comparison of the best sandals available online, we were particularly struck by this very feminine article proposed by Zoerea, a company that exports all over the world and deals with the sale of clothing items for women and children.

What we have in front of us are a pair of jeweled flip-flops, a name with which this type of footwear is generally called to which stones have been applied, in this case, black flowers embellished with further glitter.

It is a very elegant model, perfect for a romantic evening or an event for which a certain outfit is required but without giving up the comfort of a flat sandal.

Considering the presence of the stones that enrich the shoe, the price seems quite affordable; moreover, if you don’t like the color, you can opt for other shades such as blue, beige, or ivory.

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